Beating It Back

Even with all the healing I have done, there are still triggers. It is impossible for me to avoid everything
that has ever caused me to feel pain. And it would probably be a mistake to try. On this page, you will
find shame processed in real, or close to real, time.

Shame can be paralyzing. At my worst nearly every perceived imperfection made me want to hurt
myself. Sometimes, it made me want to die.

Given that history, it is not surprising that my real life triggered that need to not be. Shame tells me I
must keep the trigger a secret. Disclosure brings it closer to vanishing. There is a difference between an
old trigger and reality. These are my successes.

Prelude to Willingness




More Imperfection

Graduation Part 2


My Favorite Words


And it Keeps Going On

Random Reinforcement

I Will Not Fall Apart