Color Coded Feelings

Learning how to uncomplicated emotions There was a time, in the last decade, when I was doing EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy. We started with some simple drawing of my feelings, my inner picture of myself. We quickly realized that my perceptions of many feelings were seriously skewed. The therapist came up withContinue reading “Color Coded Feelings”

Random Reinforcement

When you are training a dog, or in my case, a person, there are a variety of reinforcement techniques you can use. You can reward the dog, (or me as a child), every time they do something. With this, the dog, (or me as a child), learns the behavior quickly. If you stop giving theContinue reading “Random Reinforcement”

The Very Beginning part 2

Earlier, I wrote about when our puppies got off the screened-in porch and ate glass. Around that same time my father made of, apparently, several suicide attempts. I was 4 or 5.  My mother had taken my little sister to our sitter’s house. I was in the kitchen washing dishes. One of my favorite activities.Continue reading “The Very Beginning part 2”