Testimonials & Endorsements

Debi is my wonderful friend, and she has been transforming her life since I’ve known her. Over the last two + years, she has been working on so many aspects of herself in a very committed and intentional way. Her confidence levels have grown, she is so grounded and self-aware, she’s overcoming her eating issues and she’s made so much progress with her project to help other people who have experienced similar issues of child sexual and psychological abuse. Her upcoming book tells a remarkable story of her experiences and how she has devoted her energy to healing herself and making her life better and better. 

She is an inspiring woman and is so gifted in many ways. I love her sensitivity, caring nature, clear-mindedness, and her determination to work on herself and to help others. Bravo Debi!


I remember your willingness to patiently listen to others, your desire to be a mother, your intelligence and love of learning…. I watched you excel in getting your college degree and fulfill your dreams to care for children as a nanny. Your personal growth developed in doing so and allowed your inner child to heal as well.

You have befriended many like-minded friends and grown more confident and closer to God and his calling. …

Now you continue to help heal others with their trauma issues as well. I am so proud of your accomplishments, and your desire to serve in helping others with their trauma issues as well.

I am so proud of your accomplishments, and your desire to serve in helping others so unselfishly.


“Pain is pain, whether it is physical or emotional. No one I know has suffered such pain as deeply as Debi. In the beginning, I wondered what caused her to shake so badly. She was hesitant to share those deep emotional scars. Debi had been enrolled in college courses. I assumed her goal was to fill her days and silence her darker thoughts. It became evident that Debi was determined to complete her college degree. Given all the challenges in her life, I wondered about her potential success. I imagined her climb was more from a deep crevasse as compared to a mountain climb. Mountains are beautiful, clean and the views, inspiring. A hole in the ground is dark, wet and scary. Debi’s psychological scars are deep and permanent, but her will is strong. So strong, she never gave up or caved in. Her success came from a place as deep as those scars, past the damage, past the pain. If you ever wanted to find an example of a hero to oneself, Debi would be that hero.”