The Book

So, Debi, You Wrote a Book…

Why you want to read “Winning Over Shame–Overcoming Sexual, Emotional, and Psychological abuse.

If you enjoy the articles on this blog, I believe you will gain much from reading the book. It covers my early childhood in more detail. It also follows me as I grew up saddled with the pain and shame of the abuse.

The style differs from many memoirs. It has alternating chapters, flipping between all of that and my relationship with my now ex-husband. The chapters are mostly less than five pages long. While there are details of the abuse, they are not graphic. However, if you found yourself triggered by this blog, it might not be appropriate yet.

I am most proud of the last section of the book. It covers the time in my life when I got serious about moving past the broken parts of me. Including the skills and tools I used to overcome my shame. The first of those tools is available to you for without cost under the heading, A taste of the book.

That coping box was a very necessary first step in my journey. It included objects, activity suggestions, and sensory stimulation for when I was depressed or otherwise needed to be lifted out of my thoughts and feelings. There were also objects, suggestions, and sensory soothing, for when I was inching toward mania or otherwise agitated and too energized.

The mini posters can go on your wall, in your closet, on the back of the medicine cabinet, or anywhere you can see it regularly. I have grouped suggestions by items to engage the senses, activities to engage close relationships, and special activities to engage and distract. It was vital for me. I broke out of so many deep-seated responses. Even self-injuring and suicidal ideation.

I have far too many diagnoses. From Bi-polar, to PTSD, and from Generalize Anxiety to Sexual dysfunctions and Binge eating. I am happy to say that, right now, I take no medications for anxiety. When it comes up, I usually recognize it and talk through it.

I still get triggered, especially by certain noises and people startling me. I even get the occasional flashback or nightmare. They continue to be no fun. But I can recognize them for what they are and move forward.

I have been stable and working part time as a nanny for almost 9 years now. I am ready to expand my world. I am very excited to share my book with as many people as possible.

Watch out for opportunities to work with me on the skills in the book and some new ones coming soon.

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